Friday, September 25, 2015

Tour de Frank: Waiver for Junior and Youth Competitors

Hello!  The day of the TdF is coming soon!  It occurred to us today that there might be a few youth competitors who are coming to the Tour de Frank with their friends, but without their parents. 

For most competitors, you don't have to worry about registering or signing a waiver ahead of time, but if you are 18 or under, AND your parent(s) will NOT be at the TdF with you, have your parents fill out and sign the standard event waiver (click HERE for a copy of the waiver), and bring it with you.

If you are over 18, OR are under 18 and will be accompanied by a parent, you don't have to do anything in advance.  Just find us at the main table and signup before 10:45 on Saturday!


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