Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Tour de Frank Information Package!

We're looking forward to seeing you on the weekend!  If you are excited to make your way down to Frank Slide for the 2015 Tour de Frank, here's all the information you will need to find the area, find parking, and find us!  Things will slowly get rolling at 10:00, with orientation at 10:45, and the event starting at 11:00.  If you're a bit late, don't worry - there should be someone at (or near) the table throughout the day.

Click below for more information! 

Tour de Frank Information Package

A PDF of the information package is here...

Tour de Frank Information Package PDF

If you want a little more information about the various sectors of the Slide, or want a nice map to help you find the Healing Sector (where most of the problems in the event are located), check out the Sector map here...

Frank Slide Sector Map

See you Saturday!

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