Friday, September 25, 2009

Topo Now Available

The Godman Creek Topo is finished. Finally. It contains an overview map, maps of the individual areas, and the names and grades of 100 problems (including projects, which are included in the guide and are generally open to anyone who wants to try them).

There is one area in the guide (The Public Works Area) that is included but is not located on the overview map. You'll have to talk to me to get specific instructions on how to get there... :)

"So," you ask, "How do I get this topo?"


I'll try to post it somewhere, maybe Dr. Topo or somesuch.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fly, Bee, Fly!

That's what I am calling my project between Bee Train and Twice Shy. Rad name for a cool line. Of course, since I have no idea how to actually dyno, I may never actually manage to send it.

Monday, September 14, 2009

West Van Bouldering Continues!


Was back at "The Creek" on Saturday with Bill and Ronald, and a few other UBC folks. Cleaned and established a few cool problems, a few of which are pretty classic.

Just right of Jenga, on a fairly tallish wall, I put up three new problems and a project. Once Bitten (V0-), Twice Shy (V1, maybe V2), and Bee Train (V2). Between Twice Shy and Bee Train I also cleaned a harder project, which involves an almost 6-foot move between holds. Ronald and I worked it for awhile, but never even came close to figuring it out.

Then we went over to the Superball Area, and actually cleaned off some new things over there. With a lot of work, I cleaned off Superball Crack (V0) and Superball (still a project, maybe in the V8 range). The SB Crack is pretty cool - a perfect straight-in fingercrack, ring-locks and all. It would be super-stellar, but it starts on a huge jug, so once your feet are on it, it kills lots of the difficulty of the jamming.

Ronald cleaned off a stack of new problems below the Superball, as well. We climbed two of them, but no names are available yet. I wanted to call the one line Horn of Plenty, but we'll see.

Topo will be available later this week! Promise (crossing fingers behind back)!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Upcoming ManCation!

Went to Godman Creek again this weekend with Shelley, Aya, and Rowan. Also along for the day were our friends Virginia and Matt, and their little boy Alex. We did a BUNCH of easy lines on the first tier to warm up - probably a half dozen V0s and V1s. Aya almost did a really tall V0 - but she couldn't work her feet up in two places so I had to boost her a bit. Still, she's SO fearless - it was amazing to see her climbing a rock face, perfectly happily, 10 feet off the deck.

I did get a chance to try Jenga this weekend - and to my complete surprise, I managed to send it easily! I've come to the conclusion that Jenga is super condition-dependent. I also sent TicTacToe and Snakes and Ladders on the same boulder. I also climbed on the Mountain Bike slabs. Fun - I just wish they were longer!

My ManCation is coming up! But it looks like the rain will start at the same time as my vacation does. Ugh.