Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Back at 'The Creek'


Went back to 'The Creek' on Sunday to do a little more work, a little more cleaning, with Ronald and Jennifer (who are both super fun to spent time with). We were at the Public Works Area, where there are just a few boulders but lots of tall quality problems all together in a knot. We managed to climb and send a few things, and work on the some projects...

Ron scrubbed a new line - a spectacular, tall, triangular slab, and called it Space Invaders. A quality line! Pictures will follow sometime, hopefully. We also worked on a line on the One Scoop boulder - an awesome line on perfect crimps that heads up to a sloping arete and a bold topout. This line will be stellar - 4 stars! The topout wasn't cleaned though, so no FA (although I could barely link it to the arete).

We then repeated Take The Wheel (V0), which is fun, and put up a new problem that is basically a three move ending of the Helios Project. I think I'll call it Sun Wheel (after the convention of combining names that join problems). We also tried the Dynamite Project, to no avail... I can't even really pull onto the holds. I am fat.

There'll be lots of good stuff there.

Then we went to the Boring Boulders (so named because of all the Bore Holes in the boulders). No problems were sent, but several were cleaned. The Boring Boulders aren't great, mostly because the few boulders that are there are very short...

So, new problem tally - - - -

Helios (V8? Project) Start on the lowest jug, climb along then under the big roof, finish on vertical crimpy face. Much body tension is required.

Helios Arete (V9? Project). Start as for Helios, finish on the arete using a key pinch.

Take The Wheel (V0) ** Start right of the finish of Helios, traverse left along lip and mantle.

Space Invaders (V1) **** Climb the pyramid-shaped slab. Quality.

One Scoop (V6? Project) SDS on large lieback on right side of arete. Head up and left to arete using perfect edges, then finish by mantling onto slab and topping out above. Heady.

One Scoop Extension (V6? Project) Continue along arete to juggy finish. Looks fun, not yet cleaned all the way.

Dynamite (V8? Project) Grab two edges, stuff foot in blast hole, head up. Fun, but powerful.

PO (V1+) SDS The small boulder below the Helios boulder. This problem is a little sucky.

More soon! Hopefully with pictures!

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