Friday, September 14, 2007

New Problems... of the climbing kind

Back in the saddle... errr... at the keyboard again.

Shelley and I went to Squamish yesterday evening to climb with our good friends Terry, Selena, and Marshall. They are not only top-notch climbers, but also top-notch people, and are enormously entertaining to spend time with.

I went to Squamish with the intention of cleaning off new problems in the forest - not something I do much anymore. But, a couple of new lines really grabbed my attention, so out came the brushes! The first also needed a toprope to clean properly. It is on the the right side of the boulder beside 'Chicken Burger', and is high. Maybe 20 feet high. It's somewhat difficult, maybe V7 or V8, but will be super fun. It has some dynamic moves, though, and a bad landing, so it'll be the type of line that is best attempted only by the fit. I wanted to get Marshall on it just so I could call it "Marshall Law".

The second line, though, was much easier - a V0 slab over by 'The Weasel'. Such a great slab, but not hard - the forest needs more lines like that.

Anyways, Shelley and I are sad that Terry and Selena are leaving us (on Saturday morning). Marshall will be around for a few days after that, but will soon be leaving as well. Sad.

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