Monday, September 3, 2007

As it turns out, endless staring at a computer screen can, occasionally, lead to moderate production.

Let me explain.

I've come in to UBC (my workplace, where I am a PhD student and post-doctoral researcher) the last two days this weekend to work on the analysis of my new manuscript - it will be a riveting piece of science, I assure you, that describes how leaves and sticks fall into streams, how they get wet, and how they then get stuck on the streambed. In this particular field of science, I am a world expert. I am not kidding.

I am writing a manuscript on the subject with my good friend, confidante, and all-round partner-in-crime Laurie Marczak. I thought about also noting that she is an awfully cute redhead, but checked myself as it would be unprofessional. Ahem.

Coming in on the weekend to work often results in me getting more done than usual - mostly, I suspect, because of the difference between the costs and benefits of working when I don't have to. The benefits are no greater than a weekly workday, but the costs (missing a day of lounging about Vancouver, drinking coffee, reading a book, etc.) are greater. Hence, the motivation to actually get something accomplished.

Next... A Brief Summary of Recent Climbing Excitement!

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