Thursday, August 14, 2014

Priest Lake Mini-Guide!

Here's a mini-guide I put together for the boulders at Priest Lake, Idaho.  Obviously there are MANY more boulders than the ones evident in this guide, but there weren't any problems cleaned on them, so I didn't include them.

How to get to the Priest Lake Boulders?  Drive to the far northeast corner of Priest Lake (the Lionhead Unit of the park); it's about an hour (maybe a bit less) from Priest River.  Turn right immediately after crossing Lion Creek up a gravel road; it starts a bit rough, but then gets rougher.  Drive up approximately 7km, passing a few good camping spots, and carefully navigating around boulders jutting from the road.  Eventually you'll see a gravel pit / camping area on your right, park here.  You'll see boulders in the trees across from the camping area.

One of the other big attractions in the area is the natural rock water slides.  They're a bit further up the valley, and there always seems to be a stream of people driving up the road to visit them.  We didn't go there, of course, but they must be fun!

At any rate, you can get the PDF of the mini-guide HERE.  Enjoy!

Other than that, there isn't much in the way of news.  I went to Frank Slide last weekend and bouldered with Ashlee and Ryan, who are moving to Edmonton :(.  They will be sorely missed by the climbing community of Lethbridge!  We mostly did a moderate circuit in the areas near the river, including The Neighbor (V2), Dance Dance Revolution (V4), Paranoia (V2), Cottonwood Road (V1), and a handful of problems on the Lipsmacker Boulder. 

What's next?  Since my knee isn't getting better as quickly as I would like, I'm thinking my drill and I might go exploring in the mountains this weekend; I've got my eye on a little sport crag...

Until next time!

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