Friday, August 24, 2012

Bear Mountain Bouldering Guide!

Last weekend I managed to make one last trip to Bear Mountain.  I really wanted to make some drawings for the first draft of the guide, and to do a few problems that I hadn't had the opportunity to try on previous trips.  Although I was climbing by myself, I managed to add a few more problems to the mountain, including the really easy (warmup) problems Aunt Sponge (V0-) and Aunt Spiker (V0-), as well as a few more challenging problems (12-Step Program (V4) a problem with a low roof, and The Last Day (V4), a tall arete). 

This week, working at home, I finished the first version of the guide to the Bear Mountain boulders.  You can view a Google Docs version of the guide (I think) HERE. I hope everyone enjoys the new guide, and uses it to enjoy the climbing at Bear Mountain.

I will try to get a proper PDF version of the guide hosted online as soon as possible.

Before I left Bear Mountain, I wanted to ensure that people could find the Shaman Cave area, which holds a lot of bouldering potential. I cut a new trail from the Tower of Death, past some of Andrew's new problems, over to the Shaman Cave.  I flagged it with pink flagging tape, which should make it easy to follow the trail until it gets worn in.

I am hopefully heading to Hasler Bluffs tomorrow, so I'll post again soon.  I'm heading out with a posse of the GP climbers, so it should be a LOT of fun!  Hopefully I'll get at least one of my projects there wrapped up.

More soon! 


summerprophet said...

Good to see my old stomping grounds are still getting used.

Enjoy the routes, drop me a line if you want a line on a few unfinished projects (that were cleaned 10 years ago)

Justin T.

Trent Hoover said...

It would be really interesting to talk to someone who had climbed there in the past. Sadly, I won't be climbing at Bear Mt as much as I did this past summer, since I've moved south. But there are several sectors that have a lot of room for fun problems there!