Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Today I had the second session on my garage wall. It's getting a little cold now, and its a little hard to warm up, but still it is nice to have a wall close at hand. Generally, I set several hard problems (projects), but then as I complete them I add them to my circuit. It's a fun - and challenging - way to have a lot of fun on a small wall. I do need more holds, though, to increase the number of problems I can have going at once. Right now, the wall looks a little thin. As my friend Lloyd says, "the way to get strong is volume, volume, and more volume. Then repeat."

I'm hoping to get out to Hasler Flats one more time before the snow flies. The weather in October has, so far, been almost perfect for bouldering - sunny and cool. It's supposed to hold for another week or so. If it does, another trip to Chetwynd (or maybe even Tumbler Ridge and the Boulder Gardens of Mount Babcock) will be in order. It would be nice to get a bunch of problems cleaned in the canyon, and to get a toprope on some of those stellar-looking lines.

If I do make it out to Hasler, I'll be sure to get a report posted.

I'd like to through a question out into the blogosphere. Does anyone know of the potential for climbing (sport routes and bouldering) in the Grande Cache region? I've seen several pictures of decent-looking rock in that area, but have never heard of any climbing development. I would be very interested to hear if anyone has seen (or heard) of any route development out that way.




Grzegorz said...

Hi Trent. Email me. Greg Tos.

Mark said...

Hi Trent, did you find out any info on Grande Cache climbing? I realize this is from ages ago, but I'm living in GC at the moment and am jonesing to climb. Haven't had a ton of time to explore but there are a few locales that look promising. Cheers :)