Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Godman Creek - Bits and Pieces

Hello, again.

I'll precede any comments by first stating that the Godman Creek Topo is now online - it's on the Quickdraw Publications 'Free Downloads' site, and will also be featured in the next issue of Squamish Climbing Magazine, along with an article and photos on the area by Jonas Gagnon.

Was back at Godman Creek on Saturday. A fun day of climbing, with GREAT conditions. I watched Clairee *almost* climb Cheshire Cat. Almost. The FA is still up for grabs - I'm sure it'll get done in when the cooler weather hits us.

I climbed Moby Dick again. Twice. This is seriously one of the best problems I have ever climbed in my life (and I didn't even get the FA). I also linked the beginning of Sailor's Prayer into Moby Dick, creating a new long problem that I called Sailor's Dick. It's a rad line, probably only about V3, but climbs all kinds of cracks (although, frankly, I only jammed once). A cool line, check it out.

I started cleaning some new 'problems' in a new area I call Blurred World. The area is 'blurred' because I can't decide if the climbing is bouldering or route climbing. Many or most of the lines are in the 20+ foot range (some in the 30+ foot range), and many are cracks... Bouldering? Crack climbing? Routes? Who knows. Still, there'll be some fun lines there, including 4, 30 foot cracks which look hard. One looks VERY hard.

I'll likely be back at the Creek on Friday, as long as I can get my NSERC PDF application wrapped up this week. UGH.



Shabnam said...

So I

Shabnam said...

Checked out some of the problems in your guide, its awesome not having to go to Squamish. I am very interested in this public works area. Any chance of getting a topo? Will be back there tomorrow, with 4 year old in tow, any recommendations on which boulders also offer a kid friendly climb?