Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The South of France!

Over the last ten days or so I attended the Annual Meeting of the the American Society of Limnology and Oceanography, in Nice, France. Nice is right on the Mediterranean Sea, and is truly beautiful! Beyond that - and more importantly - Nice is incredibly interesting. I suppose it's likely that and semi-medieval city set on the sea would be as interesting, but since I've only been to one - Nice - it is my yardstick.

The conference was very good, the city amazing, the food was great, and the weather generally was very sunny and warm. The only downside was that I had travelled to France without Shel (my better 60% - to call her my better half would be an underestimate).

This photo is of the street near my hotel - the St. Gothard. I was staying in less-than-ideal part of town, but since everything was so different than Canada, I took pictures of everything. There are little cafes, bakeries, bars,and sandwich shops
everywhere, at least one of each on every block. It makes perfect sense to me - why can't we have that in Canada?

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