Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A World of Hurt

Don't worry. I'm not injured. Nor have I become a blues musician. A World of Hurt is the name of Jordan's new highball in Squamish. I'm psyched to get strong so I can get on it next spring, but my training regime isn't exactly turning me into the Hulk. In fact, my 'training' is starting to make my middle look a little bigger, and my lats a lot smaller.

I was in Squamish on the weekend, doing a little bouldering. I climbed a bunch of moderate slabs, which is supposed to be moving me towards my goal of climbing all the hard slabs in squamish. There's just not that many slabs over V4 - really, only Black Slabbath (V7) and Phat Slab (V4 or V5 if you don't cheat). I did my new V0 slab Sel de la Terre a bunch of times - it's such a fun bit of climbing. I also did a new slab / arete problem to the left of it as well. It's a bit harder, more like V3 or so. I'm trying to make a slab circuit - when I do I'll post it here. I haven't decided how many problems should be on the circuit, but probably 20 is a good number.

I also went crack climbing the weekend before last. Cracks are weird, and incredibly painful if you don't have the right shoes. Which I don't. My tight 'bouldering' shoes ended up causing me a lot of pain as I tried jamming them into hand and finger cracks...

I have some more pictures to post, I'll get them posted soon.

Happy climbing!

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punder said...

Trent - there should be more pictures of you climbing on this blog. Preferably without your shirt.